Schools A new agreement: key issues for teachers

Workload, workload, workload.

This is the key issue that school members are talking about and the log of claims is the key way to bring together ideas to address that issue.

The list of ideas is already extensive – a reduction in face-to-face teaching so that teachers have more preparation and planning time; reining in excessive meetings; more support for teachers to assist students with additional needs; less useless administration and compliance work; reduced class sizes; managing endless emails; greater protection of individual teacher preparation, planning and assessment time through the 30+8 model and professional practice days.

It’s crucial that members think carefully about what is driving the excessive workload at their school and what specific ways we can address it in the log of claims.

Beyond workload, teacher members are discussing a wide range of issues including:

  • increases to salary and superannuation, especially to address the pay gap experienced by many women members
  • time in lieu for attending camps
  • improved special payments and time allowance arrangements for undertaking organisational duties
  • enhanced family leave entitlements
  • improved system and school-based consultation.

The issues are many, so please make sure your sub-branch meets and puts forward ideas for the log of claims – submissions are due on the last day of Term 1.

For more information on the log of claims process please see our website.

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