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Inviting MPs to understand the importance of preschool funding

Members in the Macedon Ranges shire have organised a community event inviting their local Labor MP, Mary-Anne Thomas, to discuss four-year-old preschool funding. Educators and families will share stories with Ms Thomas as to why it is vitally important the federal government continues its funding and the impact it would have on employment and four year old children’s access to preschool if funding was to cease. If you haven’t already done so, please contact your local MP and ask them to visit your centre so you too can share the importance of federal preschool funding.


We are in the process of sending out five Preschool Funding Now! postcards to all members. We are asking members to encourage every colleague and parent to sign the postcards before returning them to the AEU in the reply-paid envelope by the end of term. If you would like additional postcards, please contact us promptly to arrange more. We need the postcards to be signed and ready to deliver to the Prime Minister for the start of Term 1 2020.

For more information and resources, visit facebook.com/PreschoolFundingNow

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