Early Childhood Additional support for early childhood graduates and mentors

With the help of our members, the AEU has been able to advocate to ensure additional support for graduate teachers and for their all-important mentors.

Thank you to our graduate members who told us of challenges in accessing a mentor to support their VIT inquiry projects to become a fully registered teacher. Because members raised their voices, it allowed the AEU to advocate on your behalf to ensure that Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs) receive the support required. 

New teachers are matched with an experienced mentor who will build their confidence and support them to be reflective practitioners.

On 8 July, the state government announced that it is investing $1 million to expand the graduate mentoring program, delivered through Gowrie Victoria. This increased investment will mean that up to 150 PRTs will be able to work with an experienced mentor to gain full registration through the VIT.

New teachers are matched with an experienced mentor who will build their confidence and support them to be reflective practitioners. The process lasts three to five months and includes three onsite observation and reflection sessions.

Places are now open for the 2022 program. Find out more here.

For further information, call 03 8624 1077 or email [email protected].

Members employed under the VECTEA and EEEA have Graduate Teacher Mentor clauses: VECTEA clause 52 and EEEA clause 61. Under the VECTEA, both graduate teachers working towards their full VIT registration and mentor teachers will be given up to four days of paid leave to complete all required activities to support PRTs to become fully registered.

Under the EEEA, appropriate support will be provided to graduates working towards their full VIT registration. Up to four days of funding is provided by DET for this purpose, so if PRTs and mentors need four days to complete the process it is a reasonable ask.

Mentors and graduate teachers employed under different agreements or the award are able to apply for additional funding of up to $2,872 via DET to support PRTs to move to full registration. This funding can be used for time release, travel and accommodation, backfill, and for the PRT to do professional learning.

Find out about the funding program here.

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