TAFE & Adult Provision Bargaining for better lives

The AEU, HACSU and disability employer representatives have been meeting to discuss the Disability Multi-Employer-Agreement (MEA). Bargaining for this agreement will commence in earnest soon, concentrating on better pay and conditions, and with a particular focus on job security, and on improving industry standards. 

The bargaining group will lobby the state government to fund professional development for disability workers and seek support in making improvements to the provisions of the Victorian Disability Worker Commission. The committee will also lobby the federal government to better fund the NDIS and for an improved funding model that accounts for all costs associated with delivery, support and care, so that high-quality services for our members and their clients are guaranteed. 

As part of the process, unions and employers have developed a charter that sets out the minimum standards of performance and conduct. As always, the union’s priorities in the disabilities services sector, as set by our members, include reduced workloads, increased salaries, providing better career opportunities, more secure employment, portable long service leave, and improved health and safety measures.

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