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  • By Justin Mullaly
  • This article was published more than 11 months ago.
  • 16 Aug 2023

All schools should now have received funding to cover the ‘on call’ payments for teachers and ES who attend camp. This allocation is the first tranche of the $130 million won by the AEU through the dispute over time in lieu heard in the Fair Work Commission.

The funding is backdated to 1 January this year, with schools well into the process of auditing and finalising payments to staff who attended camps in the first half of 2023 for whom time in lieu had not been accrued and acquitted in line with the FWC determination. 

With much more certainty about time in lieu (TIL) for camps, the next step is for schools to look to the camp arrangements for 2024, and to begin consultation about the management of TIL through a local policy and the long-term plan.

Recap: TIL on camps

The following is a detailed breakdown of time in lieu payments for teachers and ES. 

On call overnight

If a teacher or ES member is required to attend a camp overnight in Australia, they will be regarded as being on call for the 8-hour overnight period (i.e. between 11.00pm and 7.00am), which accrues time in lieu at 50%. Payment for four hours of time in lieu to cover the overnight period will be made at the following rates of pay:

Teachers – 100% of their normal hourly rate of pay; 

Education support class employees – 150% of their normal hourly rate of pay.

ES receive 150% of their rate of pay as the overnight period sits outside the span of normal hours which is outlined in VGSA 2022 clause 24(9)(c)(iv).

A member can choose to receive time in lieu rather than payment.

The arrangements outlined above also apply to school sleepovers on school grounds.

The following rates are payable to teachers and education support staff as of 1 July 2023*:

Teacher Class – on call overnight payment
3-2 $251.14
3-1 $240.33
2-6 $228.88
2-5 $211.59
2-4 $204.06
2-3 $196.80
2-2 $189.79
2-1 $183.04
1-5 $176.53
1-4 $170.24
1-3 $164.19
1-2 $158.34
1-1 $154.30
Education Support Class – on call overnight payment
Range 3
3-6 $259.78
3-5 $248.35
3-4 $236.44
3-3 $228.77
3-2 $221.39
3-1 $213.64
Range 2
2-8 $210.71
2-7 $204.40
2-6 $196.06
2-5 $189.77
2-4 $183.48
2-3 $177.19
2-2 $170.90
2-1 $164.53


*Any payments for camps that occurred between 1 January and 30 June 2023 will be paid at VGSA 1 January 2023 salary rates.

Performing duties overnight

An employee who is required to perform duties during an overnight period (such as attending to a sick student) will receive the on call overnight payment. In addition, they will accrue a further 50% time in lieu so that for the period they are on duty the total amount of compensation they receive is 100% (i.e. 50% on call overnight payment plus 50% for undertaking duties). 

The time in lieu accrued while on duty will be acquitted in the normal way as either time in lieu or as a further payment (if agreed between the principal and the teacher or ES employee).

Time between normal hours of attendance and overnight period

If a teacher or ES member is required at a camp for student supervision ratios, they will be considered at least ‘on call’, and will be considered ‘on duty’ if they are performing duties. Time in lieu will accrue in both instances and be acquitted in the normal way.

There is more information and a range of frequently asked questions available on the AEU website.

Funding for an on call overnight payment is an important step in the right direction. Even more important is putting a stop to the expectation that school staff will volunteer for performing required duties rather than being properly compensated. The introduction of time in lieu in the VGSA 2022 is a fundamental shift towards a culture of greater respect for our profession.

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