Early Childhood Changes for educational leaders and nominated supervisors

Educational leaders and nominated supervisors will now ne allocated a total of one hour per week per service, with capacity for this time to be scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  

This time can be provided either as release from face-to-face teaching or contact time, which will be the only option for full-time employees, or an increase in non-teaching or non-contact time for part-time employees. 

Please note this is one hour per week per service, NOT one hour per week per role. For example, if you work in a service where you have one person who is the EL and another person who is the NS, a consultative and collaborative conversation is going to need to occur between the EL and NS so you can both best determine how you will structure the time of the one-hour allowance. This will vary across services and contexts and we will unpack this in finer detail during the implementation training. 

Educational leaders and nominated supervisors who currently receive a higher provision of more than one hour per week by their employer shall retain these arrangements for the term of this agreement. This can only be varied through genuine consultation. 

This new provision will go some way to addressing workload pressures identified by members. We also encourage members in these roles to build beyond the new benchmark entitlement by having a conversation with your employer about the provision of additional time.  

Until the new agreements have been approved by the Fair Work Commission interim arrangements should be in place for anyone who holds the role of EL or NS. 

The AEU have been informed that funding to services will be provided and back paid once the agreements are approved. If you are an EL or NS and your employer does not provide you with the one hour per week can you please let us know via [email protected] We will be following up with these providers to assure that the funding is used for its correct purpose. 

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