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Adaptability. Flexibility. Hyper-vigilance. All characteristics – indeed, superpowers – that CRT members have. How do I know? Because CRT members came together during the Term 2 break for a strong union conference where they shared their experiences and stories.

This year’s AEU CRT Conference saw members participate in an education panel and various workshops. Each had strong participation and received positive feedback from members reflecting the sense of connection and the practical strategies they gained from the activities. 

What struck me most was the feeling of solidarity thanks to the shared stories and experiences from members who can often be isolated in an unfamiliar workplace.

It is incumbent on all members, both CRTs and others, to reach out to each other in every workplace. This strengthens the sub-branch and boosts union solidarity.

CRTs are encouraged to take part in all existing union structures, including regional meetings, and attending sub-branch meetings is a great way to get involved at the local level.

These structures not only help CRTs gain better working conditions but also hear about AEU events and campaigns.

As always, AEU training is open to all CRT members, along with CRT-specific professional learning opportunities.

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