Early Childhood EEEA 2020 is go!

Members have over-whelmingly endorsed the new EEEA (Early Education Employees Agreement) 2020. As the ballot was counted, it became clear that an incredible 99% of employees voted in favour of the new agreement. Now, employees in all 22 local government areas covered by the EEEA will benefit from significant pay increases and workload relief. 

As this newsletter went to print, the Agreement was being lodged with the Fair Work Commission for final approval, with the expectation it will come into force seven days after approval is granted. Staff who are employed at the time of approval will receive backpay to the first full pay period on or after 1 October 2020.

This new agreement demonstrates the professional recognition of early childhood teachers, educators, preschool field officers and activity group leaders that you so rightly deserve. 

Congratulations and thank you for exercising your right to vote, this is a great outcome for members. The AEU will run workshops for members in Terms 2 and 3 to guide you through the new clauses and how they should be implemented at your service. 

Unfortunately, the voting process for the VECTEA has been delayed due to some procedural matters. Amendments are needed to ELAA’s Single Interest Employer Authorisation, dated 16 July 2019, before voting can commence. 

Since 2019, there have been several changes to a small proportion of ECEC services covered by the proposed Agreement, meaning that they should no longer be included in ELAA’s Single Interest Employer Authorisation.

As a result, the Fair Work Act (2009) requires that ELAA make a formal application to amend their Single Interest Employer Authorisation to reflect changes that have occurred in the preceding three years. 

The AEU has been assisting ELAA to ensure that the ballot process complies with their obligations under the Fair Work Act and, as we went to print, we expected this procedural matter to be finalised soon. Rest assured that, even though the vote has been delayed, backpay for employees employed at the time of approval is backdated to the first full pay period on or after 1 October 2020.

 Once the access period and vote commences for the VECTEA 2020, we strongly encourage members to vote and vote yes. 

The EEEA and VECTEA enshrine the professional recognition of teachers, educators and PSFO’s that provides for significant improvements in wages and conditions.

The AEU will run workshops for members in Terms 2 and 3 to guide you through the new clauses and how they should be implemented at your service. 

When you understand your workplace rights you are always in a better position to ensure that every aspect of your work that is covered in some way by the agreements is being implemented and adhered to by employers. 

Knowledge is power, and the training and implementation guide provide invaluable information to members, empowering them to know their rights, entitlements and salaries.

What we’ve won

  • Teacher pay increases of 13–30% over four years. (3.25% p/a up to 7.5% p/a).

  • The hard barrier of teacher validation will be removed in February 2022.

  • Educator and Activity Group Leader (AGL) pay increases of 20–27% over four years. Level 1.5 educators will have immediate pay parity with range 1.5 education support staff in schools.

  • Introduction of new diploma levels 2.2 and 2.3.

  • AGLs will be reinstated into the EEEA.

  • Time for Educational Leaders and Nominated Supervisors to help alleviate workload pressures.

  • Organisational days, three days per year (pro-rata) for all staff.

  • Four days time release for provisionally registered teachers and their mentors.

  • Two professional development days (pro-rata) for educators.

  • Increased personal leave for educators from 10 to 15 days.

  • Family violence leave of 20 days per year, or relevant amount in the local government EBA.

  • Union training leave and time release for our VIT rep.

  • Employee Assistance Program for community based kindergartens.

  • PSFOs – pay increase of 16.9-17.7% over four years.

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