Early Childhood End-to-end career support for EC members

The AEU has consulted extensively with graduate members to better understand the types of professional learning and resources they need to be supported and to succeed when they enter the profession. This feedback has allowed the AEU to advocate with DET and the state government to see a suite of supports be made available for graduate teachers. 

Career supports for early career teachers

  • For first year ECTs: a minimum of five hours of individual coaching to help ECTs get the most out of their first 12 months of practice. The program is tailored to the capability and needs of the individual teacher.

  • For second and third year ECTs: Communities of Practice (CoP) are being delivered across Victoria, exploring local issues of interest.

  • An alumni network: stay connected and share your expertise after participating in the coaching or Communities of Practice programs.

Early Years Learning Networks for all teachers and educators

  • Early Years Learning Networks are available across all of Victoria for any educator or teacher working in a funded kindergarten program with an interest in collaborating with others, regardless of length of time in the profession

  • There are many benefits to staying connected and belonging to an EC network and, particularly in the first years of teaching, having access to a mentor or coach. I strongly encourage all graduate teachers to register for the end-to-end career supports. 

Time for mentoring (clause 52 VECTEA; clause 61 EEEA)

For mentor teachers and graduate teachers employed under VECTEA, the department is providing an entitlement of four days for time release for experienced teacher mentors to support graduate teachers to achieve provisional to full registration. This funding will ensure mentor and graduate teachers can be replaced, and it will include the cost of travel.

Mentor teachers and graduate teachers employed under EEEA will be provided with an appropriate amount of time for mentors to support graduate teachers to achieve provisional to full registration.

The four days of funding is available for both mentors and graduate teachers, so the AEU will work closely with our EEEA members to ensure genuine consultation occurs and that the full four days are accessed if required.

This provision gives mentors the opportunity to support graduate teachers in paid time, and provides the appropriate support for graduate teachers to succeed. Find out more here.

Educational Services Teachers Award (ESTA)

Following strong advocacy by the AEU, Fair Work has approved the inclusion of an additional clause for graduate teachers employed under the ESTA:

The employer will support the Level 1 teacher to obtain accreditation or registration at the proficient teacher standard, which will include reasonable release from ordinary duties for the Level 1 teacher where operationally practicable.

If graduate teachers employed under ESTA are having issues accessing release time to undertake their VIT inquiry process, contact MSC for support on 03 9417 2822 or [email protected].

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