TAFE & Adult Provision Facing change together in the disability sector

It’s important to know what the workplace agreement or award you work under contains, along with your rights and obligations, so you can act with confidence and protect yourself from workplace issues.  

The AEU’s Member Support Centre can assist you with any professional and industrial issues, while your workplace organiser can help you build your sub-branch and solve workplace and sector-based challenges.

Read our story about how members at Nadrasca banded together to improve their working conditions. 

In October last year, Minister Bill Shorten announced a review of the NDIS, looking at the scheme’s design, operation and sustainability, and examining the experiences of clients and the workforce. This review may lead to changes in the way services are delivered, potentially affecting jobs, roles and workplace policies.

The disability sector will also be affected by the new federal industrial laws that change the way bargaining occurs for workplace agreements, making it easier to negotiate pay and conditions across multiple employers.

Our best chance of ensuring changes benefit members is by having a strong union presence in the sector. Attend your local sub-branch and state-wide online meetings, and get involved, so we can act together and ensure your voices are heard.

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