Early Childhood What kind of activist are you?

Activism is a very personal, individual journey for each of us. It can take a while to shape your own identity as an activist and find out what sort of action feels right for you.

Activism can be leading a chant with a megaphone at a rally or writing a strongly worded letter to a newspaper or politician expressing your views. It can be as simple as sharing your own story with a neighbour or family member.

We know that personal narratives are the most effective way of gaining the support of our local communities. All actions are valid. That’s why I love being one of the leaders of the early childhood sector. I have seen members find their way of getting active through many different avenues.

Ultimately, we are driven by one central belief – that all Australian children have the right to access a governmentfunded preschool education. Acting together, we are a powerful voice.

So, wherever you are on your activism journey, I want to say thank you for having conversations with your families, your communities and your friends to get thousands of Preschool Funding Now postcards signed over the past few months.

Having attended the AEU Federal Conference in February, it is clear to me that early childhood educators are part of a strong and influential union that supports us fully in our campaigning for preschool funding.

Keep up the good work; the fight isn’t over yet.

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