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As the industrial bans continue to escalate, there has never been a more critical time for members to unite and actively engage in the campaign for better wages and working conditions.

The power of the collective action of teachers to effect change was demonstrated during the successful campaign for a single interest agreement (SIA), granted earlier this year. The SIA required that at least 50% of all teachers (members and non-members) employed at each TAFE sign the petition. This was an unprecedented task, with teachers spread over more than 100 campuses and a workforce often only on campus part time.

The campaign relied on AEU members working together at each of the campuses, informing all teachers of the importance of a single-interest agreement and asking them to sign the petition. It is only due to the collective work of members that TAFE teachers now have the right to take industrial action in support of negotiations for improved wages and conditions.

It is time for AEU members to once again unite in implementing the bans and actions that members endorsed in the protected action ballot order. Your participation in these measures is critical to the campaign’s success.

Show solidarity by wearing your AEU T-shirt, lanyard, or anything red every Wednesday throughout the campaign.

How can you contribute locally to the campaign for better pay and conditions?

1. Engage in the bans. The bans have been designed to exert pressure on TAFEs and the state government, and to escalate over time. Active participation from all members is vital. The number of members taking action will be a clear indicator to the employers and the state government as to how determined TAFE teachers are in the fight for a fair agreement. While the bans may cause short-term disruption for students, everyone will ultimately benefit.

2. Attend sub-branch meetings. Stay informed about the bans and seek clarification on their implementation by attending sub-branch meetings. Encourage fellow members to participate in these meetings and stay abreast of campaign updates.

3. Reach out to non-members. Keep non-members informed of the bans and the progress of the campaign. Encourage them to join the AEU to actively contribute to the campaign, and emphasise that success relies on unity among all teachers.

4. Become active in your sub-branch. Explore the various roles that need to be filled on your sub-branch. Having several members involved spreads the workload and leads to a more effective sub-branch.

5. Display posters. The AEU has produced a range of posters to raise campaign awareness. Display them in your staff room and around your campus. Contact a member of your sub-branch or a TAFE organiser for copies.

6. Wear it Red Wednesdays. Show solidarity by wearing your AEU T-shirt, lanyard, or anything red every Wednesday throughout the campaign.

The collective effort of all members is required to achieve an agreement that pays TAFE teachers an equitable wage and provides manageable workloads. It’s time for all AEU members to unite and take a stand.

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