Early Childhood How to host a log meeting

  • By Max Grarock
  • This article was published more than 9 months ago.
  • 20 Jul 2023

The VECTEA and EEEA’s nominal expiry date is September 2024. This means we will be launching our log of claims process at the start of Term 3.

Our goal is to hold 50 member meetings across Victoria. We want to talk to as many members as possible to help inform the log of claims we will serve upon employer reps from ELAA and MAV in December, once it has been endorsed by elected sector councillors. 

We want to hear from PSFO, additional assistants or KIS workers, teachers, and educators employed by providers that are a respondent to the current VECTEA and EEEA in both metro and regional Victoria. 

Let’s meet at your workplace!

If you are willing to host a log of claims meeting at your service or for your local network, please add your details here. If you have any questions, contact early childhood organiser Max Grarock  and we will work closely with you to set up and host a log of claims meeting.

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