Early Childhood Implementing your new agreements

Following the ratification of the new agreements, the AEU will be running implementation training for all EC members, commencing in Term 2. An implementation guide will also be provided. Together, the workshops and guide are designed to give life to the two new agreements. 

The new agreements deliver clauses and protections to help you regulate your workload, however these are merely words on paper unless you turn those words into action. When you understand your workplace rights, you are in a better position to ensure that you and your colleagues are properly accessing your entitlements. Knowledge is power – often just having the right information can pave the way for productive and consultative relationships at your workplace. 

The implementation guide and training will specifically focus on the new agreements, so members can be as informed as possible and gain a deeper understanding about your new salaries and entitlements. 

Once the dates and times for the training sessions have been finalised, we highly recommend members book in for these sessions.

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