Early Childhood Important information about the VECTEA

If you work in a community-based standalone EC service or Early Learning Centre, you are eligible to be part of the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement (VECTEA). The AEU and ELAA will be entering negotiations for the next iteration of the VECTEA in 2024.

Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA) is the peak body and employer representative for EC providers in Victoria, including those whose employees are covered by the VECTEA. Now is the time to ensure your employer completes the online application form to make ELAA their representative for the next round of bargaining, especially members who work in standalone community-run kindergartens. This is vitally important, as it guarantees that your service will be a respondent to the next VECTEA. The closing date for the online application is 17 November. If your employer has questions, urge them to contact ELAA at [email protected].

The AEU is the bargaining representative for our members.

The AEU is the bargaining representative for our members. We will work closely with you to ensure your employer remains on the next VECTEA. We will also be supporting members not currently employed under the VECTEA, but whose service is eligible to be a signatory to the new agreement, including members in community-based ELC and kindergartens co-located with schools, as we want to see you join the next VECTEA.

Member checklist:

  • Encourage your teacher and educator colleagues to join the union today.

  • Ensure your employer completes the application form sent out by ELAA.

  • If your service is eligible to be a signatory to the VECTEA but is not currently, urge your employer to contact ELAA to express their interest in being represented in bargaining.

  • Contact the AEU Membership Support Centre if you need guidance.

  • Let us know if you are seeking support to get your service to be a signatory to the next agreement (please use link below) and we’ll be in touch.


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