For everyone Why our members are voting YES

  • By Rachel Power
  • This article was published more than 7 months ago.
  • 4 Oct 2023

“I am voting yes to the Voice because…”

A Voice will provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people an opportunity to be heard. It’s also a great opportunity for the union movement to right past wrongs (racism and exclusion of First Nations) and be part of HISTORY!
Tom Martin, Secondary

I believe we owe our First Australians much more in the way of reparation. To me, the Voice is the first step towards reparation and the road to reconciliation.
Diana Blyton, Secondary

It’s the right thing to do!
Anthony Rigoni, TAFE and Adult Provision

I believe in equality for all. Why should First Nations people be the only Australians who have laws written that affect them negatively?
Mark Zelman, TAFE and Adult Provision

Decisions are always better if they involve the people who are affected by them. Then, the decision incorporates the experience, wishes, knowledge and local circumstances of those affected by it.
Justin Harris, Secondary

In the classroom, I encourage students to have a voice and to treat our peers as equals; everyone has the opportunity to make suggestions and have their voice heard.
Eve Ward, Secondary

It is only fair that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have a legitimate say in decisions that affect their everyday lives.

Val Steane, Secondary

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, finally, after 100 years, will be consulted, through their reps, to have a ‘voice’ on policies that directly impact their family and communities.
Mary-Anne Pontikis, Primary

The best outcomes are always achieved by working with those who are affected by the decisions.
Angela Stringer, Primary

I believe in participation! The people who are most impacted by issues and decisions have the best solutions to influence and address those issues. It’s time to recognise and hear them.
Claire Stewart, TAFE and Adult Provision 

Everyone has a right to be heard and consulted when decisions are proposed that impact upon their rights, their work and their standard of living. That’s union values!
Henry Crofts, Primary

I believe in showing solidarity. I listened to Willum Warrain, the local Aboriginal community centre in the heart of Bunurong land, and they asked me to vote yes.

Robert Last, Secondary

I have a voice and live in a democracy, which means everyone should have a voice. I want my First Nations peers to be heard; to have a voice as I do, because that’s what’s right in a moral society.
Caroline McEnroe, TAFE and Adult Provision

As a unionist, I believe in fairness for all. First Nations not having a say in policies applied to them is NOT fair. Voting Yes is an easy choice and a starting point for rectifying some of the issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Ann Humphries, Secondary

I am voting yes to the Voice because not much else has worked to improve lives so far.
Georg Schroder, TAFE and Adult Provision

All people are equal, and all voices need to be heard and listened to for our country to be proudly, fully inclusive for our future.
Jen Trevan, Primary

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