For everyone Compensation for CRT not warned about student’s triggers

Redlich’s Work Injury Lawyers was successful in obtaining over $600,000 in compensation for a casual relief teacher who was injured whilst working at a local specialist school.

In 2015, our client was called in as a relief teacher for a classroom with a student known for his violent and aggressive outbursts. Unknowingly to our client at the time, the student’s outbursts typically occurred whenever someone attempted to take food away from him.

During class, our client was instructed by another teacher to remove food from the student. As a result, he attacked her, leaving her with damage to the head and torn ligaments in both wrists, requiring major reconstructive surgery.

Redlich’s was successful in arguing that our client’s serious injuries were caused by the school’s failure to discharge its duty of care and warn our client about the student’s food-related triggers. She was able to settle her claim out of court.

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