Early Childhood Looking out for burnout and ensuring your wellbeing


The end of the year is the ideal time to draw breath, reflect on an unprecedentedly challenging couple of years and ensure we focus on our own wellbeing.

When we reflect on the past two years, we should feel proud of our ability to demonstrate flexibility, resilience, persistence and dedication.

Through our conversations, engagement and reflections, the unspoken reality was that many of us have been pushed to the point of burnout as we’ve navigated these unpredictable times. Despite this, we made it through another trying year of restrictions and mandatory measures introduced to create a collective layer of protection across Victoria.

We shared our ideas and approaches to support our colleagues across the sector, and we worked towards demonstrating the reassuring sentiment that ‘we’re all in this together’. Our professional identity evolved, as we critically reflected on how we approach our teaching practices and the profession. We built a professional sense of camaraderie.

Throughout the uncertainty, we looked to leadership for guidance as the AEU engaged with DET and the major stakeholders to provide clear, consistent advice. We used our collective power to advocate for the needs of the early childhood sector.

As we come to the conclusion of two exhausting years, it is time for each of us to pause, to release that breath we’ve all been holding, and allow ourselves to reflect on our own wellbeing and needs. As our end of year break inches closer, I wonder what each of you will do to engage in self-care and look after your own wellbeing? Be sure to take the time to fill your own cup before you pour for others.

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