Schools Celebrating the vital contribution of education support staff

The crucial and diverse role of education support (ES) members in schools cannot be overstated. Teachers often express their reliance on ES colleagues in various roles, including office staff, maintenance personnel, library assistants, science and food service, classroom aides, allied health professionals, and many more. The impact of ES is indispensable within your school’s sub-branch and region, making the voice of ES members essential.

Every school has a sub-branch, made up of all the union members at the school. The most effective sub-branches have an executive to share the work, and executive positions should include an ES rep. Having a designated representative is crucial for ES members to actively engage in their union sub-branch. 

ES reps play a vital role in raising ES-specific issues and perspectives, promoting AEU ES events, and canvassing ES opinions and perspectives so their concerns are addressed not only within the school but also at the regional level. Does your school have an ES rep and, if so, do you know who it is?

Each term, there will be at least one union meeting in your region. AEU regional meetings are your chance to hear the latest news about AEU campaigns and developments in public education, discuss policy, and give feedback to your union. They also provide a great chance to network with other AEU members in your region, raise issues specific to ES, and talk to your organiser and AEU leadership about the challenges and successes of your sub-branch. To find out when and where the nearest regional meeting is to you, head to

Celebrating ESP Day

Education Support Personnel (ESP) Day is celebrated across the world on 16 May. Since 2000, ES have been celebrated in Victoria – first as SSO Week, then ES Month, and then National Support Staff week. ESP Day highlights the benefits of being a union member, and this year’s theme is ‘Getting the most out of your membership!’ 

On 15 and 16 May, we will be running webinars for members, discussing ES entitlements in the VGSA, the benefits of AEU membership, and hearing from ES members across the state. It is vital that you have conversations with ES members in your school and encourage any non-union colleagues to join the AEU, attend the ESP webinars, and engage with upcoming AEU training.

How is your school celebrating ESP Day and recognising the invaluable contributions that your ES colleagues make to the school every day?

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