Schools Dimensions of Work Working Party

  • By Kathryn Lewis
  • This article was published more than 4 years ago.
  • 9 Aug 2019

In Term 2 2019, ES members were asked to get involved in our Dimension of Work Working Party to ensure we make the most of this opportunity. The response was very positive, with the AEU reference groups going on to work their way through the wide range of feedback that is being provided.

The reference groups are meeting online using WebEX and in person at schools, regional meetings and conferences, as well as specific ES training days. We currently have 20 groups all at varying levels of development.

If any other ES members would like to join a reference group, please email ES organiser Kathryn Lewis. ES who don’t have the time to be part of a group can provide individual ‘once-off’ feedback directly via email.

The AEU has created an online ES meeting space using WebEx, which can be accessed on a smart phone, iPad, laptops or a desktop computer. WebEx is a bit like a Skype call but with capacity for many people to talk and see each other, as well as edit documents.

The online ES meeting space will be open every Monday between 3pm and 5pm. During these meetings we receive and discuss feedback. Contact Kathryn if needing instructions on how to enter the meeting space.

The 2019 AEU Reps Conference featured two well-attended ES workshops on the Dimensions of Work Working Party and how to organise to win campaigns. Both workshops were focused on setting up ES to get the most out of the current working party and on the log of claims process that will begin early next year.

The AEU is determined to build on the significant improvements for education support staff in the VGSA 2017, and to make sure ES members are ready to campaign strongly to get the improvements they want in the next agreement.

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