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Strengthening our consultation clauses was vital to ensuring that members are consulted about changes that impact their work. Sub-branches and individuals have been able to use this clause to ensure that programs, initiatives, meetings, online modules and assessment schedules were the subject of consultation prior to implementation. The agreement also ensures that principals are consulted about changes impacting upon their work.

We will be working closely with sub-branch representatives and our principal class members to assist in the strengthening of the consultative process.

Professional Practice Days
A clause for professional practice days, provides one per term for each full-time teacher, the timing and focus of which can be determined by the teacher. Our feedback suggests PPDs have proved popular where successfully implemented.

We will be consulting with members on how the days are used, the benefits that members see to the days and ascertain issues that members may be having in receiving their entitlement under this clause.

The 30+8 clause, secured in the agreement, clearly outlines that a teacher’s 38 hour week will consist of 30 hours to undertake work directly related to the teaching and learning program of their class(es) and 8 hours for other activities.

We will be working with our principal, teacher and support staff members to help develop better understanding the 30+8 clause and how it can assist in addressing workload concerns at the sub-branch and system level.

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