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  • By Ursula McBride
  • This article was published more than 2 years ago.
  • 15 Dec 2021

The AEU legal team are the experts when it comes to the kind of workplace issues faced by educators in the public sector. So, should the need arise, we are here to provide the best advice and representation you can get, writes AEU industrial officer URSULA McBRIDE.

The AEU plays an important role in members’ workplaces. The union has raised the salaries and working conditions of our members, and also helped reduced wage inequality by targeting pay rises for low and middle-income workers.

We act as a collective voice for members and as a bargaining representative in negotiations for members’ workplace agreements. We are standing with members whose working environments have been more challenging than ever, including staff in schools, who have voted to take industrial action for fair pay and entitlements and a safe and sustainable workload.

Alongside those industrial and professional campaigns, a key feature of AEU membership is the provision of legal services. For a small, regular membership fee, members receive a considerable benefit through access to advice and representation if things go wrong in the workplace.

We are a legal team that ‘gets’ education.

The AEU legal team are the experts when it comes to representing staff working in public education. We have decades of experience in representing educators, specialised knowledge of the education sector and a proven track record of technical excellence.

We save members thousands of dollars in legal fees.

AEU Victorian branch members can access a range of services without incurring the significant costs a private law firm would charge. On a case-by-case basis, we offer members in-house and external legal services in respect to employment law, worker’s compensation, criminal law matters and even assistance with preparing a will.


Many members have kept their jobs because an AEU rep has stood up for them or been a witness in legal processes.

We help resolve workplace issues.

The AEU legal team advocates for our members to avoid the need for lengthy, stressful and costly litigation. We review member’s agreements and employment conditions to ensure employers are meeting their obligations. We assist members to investigate suspected breaches of workplace laws, discrimination laws and workplace safety laws.

We help you to speak up.

Being part of the union means that others have your back. When you are in a vulnerable position, your union organisers and workplace reps will stand up for you. Union reps play a powerful role in supporting members in their workplace. Many members have kept their jobs because an AEU rep has stood up for them or been a witness in legal processes.

We are stronger together.

Being part of a union gives you collective bargaining power. The legal team plays a crucial part in finalising new workplace agreements for members. We undertake the legal and procedural steps required to make sure union members secure the rights and entitlements they campaign so hard to achieve.

We want members to enjoy the full benefits of their union membership, including access to the in-house legal team. We help AEU members understand their rights and we are here to stand up for you. Whether you face bullying or discrimination, underpayment, unfair dismissal or a workplace injury, union membership ensures that you will have the legal support you need.

If you need legal or industrial support for a work-related issue, contact the AEU for advice on 03 9417 2822.

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