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Early next year, we’ll be reaching out to all our members to find out what you want to see in our log of claims for the next schools agreement. We’re particularly interested in finding out what working women want from the new schools agreement.

This is your chance to put forward any clauses that make sure women are safe, equal and respected at work. It’s a great time to start reflecting on what would improve the working life of women. It’s never too early to get these ideas together and to start the conversation in sub-branch meetings.

A good starting point is to read the copy of the current agreement (VGSA 2017) on our website and mark which clauses need to be improved or require further clarification – whether it’s more appropriate leave, clearer position descriptions, or better dispute resolution processes for workload matters.

We’ve already heard from members that we need a new clause on gendered violence. We need the Department of Education and Training to recognise gendered violence as a serious health and safety hazard for everyone, and its responsibility to act to prevent injuries from this form of violence.

The log of claims is your document. It lays out what you want your employer to address in the next agreement. So, let’s make it as strong as we can.

Don’t leave us when on leave

Being out of the workplace for an extended period on maternity leave or unpaid parental leave can be a tricky time – but it’s really important to stay connected and to maintain your AEU membership, even if you’re not physically in the classroom.

AEU membership fees are calculated in accordance with your pay. That means if you’re taking maternity leave at half-pay, your union membership fees are reduced by half. If you’re taking unpaid leave, then your fees will be suspended while you’re on leave.

In order to make sure you’re paying the correct fees, we need you to let us know when you’re going on leave, what kind of leave you’re taking, and when you plan to return to work (and at what fraction).

If there are any changes to your plans while you’re away, keep us in the loop. This means we can help you out if any issues arise while you’re away from the workplace – and support you in planning and managing your return to work.

While on leave, you’ll still have full access to all our professional development courses and other events – including the women’s program – as well as support from our organisers.

Next year’s International Women’s Day Dinner will be held on Tuesday 3 March 2020.

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