TAFE & Adult Provision NDIS pricing guide

On 1 July 2022, the new NDIS price guide came into effect.

The annual pricing review showed that the cost of delivering NDIS disability supports was higher than expected for the July 2021–June 2022 period.

The new pricing guide increases the price limits by 9% to address the following identified costing pressures:

  • Changes to the Social, Home Care and Disability Services (SCHADS) Award.

  • Associated costs for the ongoing management of COVID-19.

  • NDIS quality and safeguard regulatory requirements.

  • The Fair Work Commission’s increase to the minimum wage.

  • The superannuation guaranteed increase.

The 9% consists of a 1.7% increase to the base prices, a 2% temporary loading, 4.6% for the Fair Work Commission minimum wage rise and 0.5% for the superannuation guarantee increase.

There will be an additional $514 million available from the NDIA in recognition of the costs required for participant safety due to the pandemic.

Transitional pricing arrangements for group-based core supports have been extended until 1 July 2023; however, there will be no more group-based funding from 1 July 2024. Similarly, the Temporary Transformation Payments (TTP) will cease next July.

With the welcome change of federal government and Bill Shorten as the minister for disability, we will continue to push for the NDIS to be appropriately funded to provide high-quality services for people living with a disability.

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