For everyone TV review: Girls State

Across all but one state – justice for Hawaii! – since the 1930s, the American legion has run separate political summer camps for boys and girls intended to solidify their knowledge of the branches of government and to inspire future leaders.

Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss’s eye-opening 2020 documentary Boys State lifted the lid on young lads’ involvement. Their equally fascinating follow-up pursues stand-out participants of the first Missouri outing to host both groups on the same university campus.

The would-be Hilary Clintons and Kamala Harrises immediately clock that they’re held to different standards than the boys, with a more onerous dress code, less focus on politics, and the insistence they must travel within buddy groups, with a grim hint of real dangers.

From the proud Christian who believes in the right to choose guns but not abortion, to the queer rights activist, to the introvert who just wants to be on the Supreme Court, each of the key voices is impressively committed at a time when the stakes for young women in the US are high.

Girls State is streaming on Apple+.

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