For everyone TV review: Heartstopper (Netflix)

It seems surreal now to think that the former prime minister of Australia threw trans kids under the political bus in his failed attempt at clinging onto power. If you need a feel-good queer palette cleanser for the soul, look no further than truly gorgeous Netflix hit Heartstopper. 

Adapted by Alice Oseman from her best-selling graphic novel series and directed by Euros Lyn (Doctor Who), the show stars adorable newcomer Joe Locke as Charlie, an out and proud high schooler with a bad secret boyfriend (Sebastian Croft) and an all-consuming crush on Nick, the maybe-not-gay rugby captain (Kit Connor). Handling the ‘will they, won’t they’ romance with pure joy and minimal stress, it also showcases their refreshingly diverse bunch of besties, including trans actor Yasmin Finney as Elle, plus the inimitable queen of The Crown Olivia Cole as Nick’s lovely mum. 

Elevated by a Shazam-able soundtrack of pure bubblegum pop, it’s exactly the kind of representation our young folks need to see on their screens

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