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  • By Paddy Kendler
  • This article was published more than 3 years ago.
  • 7 Dec 2020

Langhorne Creek may not be one of the glitz and glamour regions in Australian wine, but it is much undervalued. Thanks largely to Bleasdale, it has a long and unique wine growing history dating from 1850.

From the early years of the 20th century until well into the 1970s, Stonyfell developed a Langhorne Creek cabernet shiraz, Metala. In its heyday, some fifty years ago, Metala was ranked among our very best reds.

Then, in the late 1960s, along came Wolf Blass and for the next few decades he dominated the red wine market and the capital city shows with predominantly Langhorne Creek blends, usually starring cabernet sauvignon.

These days, Bleasdale is better than ever and has been joined by Lake Breeze and Bremerton as worthy regional champions. Another impressive winery that regularly sources fruit from the area is Zonte’s Footstep. Especially recommended is the Lake Doctor Shiraz ($25), one of the most popular wines in the company’s range.

Belardent Picpoul de Pinet 2019 ($16)
A delightful alternative to sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and riesling from southern France near Montpellier, featuring plenty of fresh, grapey fruit enlivened by a ‘cheeky tang’ towards the finish.

Monsieur Grenache Vin de France 2018 ($15)
For those who like a soft, supple, sweet-fruited red, Guillaume Gonnet and his Aussie wife Kelly have the ideal option from the Southern Rhone. A truly charming wine for all seasons, and nothing like we would usually expect from grenache.

De Bortoli Rutherglen Estate Renaissance VRM 2017 ($27)
Delicious version of Rhone-style dry white with viognier and roussanne providing the dominant aromas and flavours while the marsanne acts as a handy ‘filler’. Oak maturation and bottle age result in a creamy texture and rich, deep flavour.

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