Early Childhood Organisational days

Under the VECTEA/EEEA and some other agreements, both teachers and educators are entitled to three child-free organisational days per year. Some employers may plan professional learning or CPR training, etc. on organisational days, but the two full days should not be taken up by employer directives.

The AEU negotiated to win these organisational days for teams so they have time to set up learning environments and undertake paperwork and team planning in preparation for children’s return.

Full-time employees are expected to attend common child-free days and are rostered and paid for their normal 7.6 hours per day.

Part-time employees normally rostered to work on a common organisational day are expected to attend. Part-time employees who are not ordinarily rostered to attend on that day of the week are not expected to attend.

However, if a part-time employee elects to attend a common organisational day that they are not normally rostered to work on, they will be paid for the hours of work undertaken and are entitled to be paid up to 7.6 hours (VECTEA only).

If you do not work on one or more of the organisational days then, by agreement with your employer, you can take your organisational days within the first two weeks of Term 1 and the last two weeks of Term 4.

Upcoming organisational days

  • Term 4, 2023: 20 December

  • Term 1, 2024: Monday 29 January and Tuesday 30 January, with children commencing on 31 January

  • Term 4, 2024: 20 December

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