Schools Planning celebrations for ESP Day in May

This year, International Education Support Personnel Day (ESP Day) falls on 16 May. Given this is a Sunday, we will be recognising and celebrating the vital roles our ES members play in our schools for the entire week preceding the official ESP Day, so please mark it in your school calendars.

Part of these celebrations include a series of ESP Day entitlement spotlight webinars. These webinars will run on consecutive Mondays for five weeks from week 2 of Term 2 between 4.00-5.00pm. We encourage members to register now on our website.

The focus of these webinars and our other ESP activities will be on ES annual leave. We’ll be looking at how other entitlements, such as pay between contracts and ES start dates, intersect with that leave. 

Our goal is for all AEU school members to become better informed about how ES annual leave works, to ensure that our ES members are properly benefiting from their entitlements. This is an issue we are also seeking to address in current negotiations for a new Schools Agreement, so it is important ES members are helping to inform that discussion. 

At your school, we encourage you to hold events such as a group webinar viewing or a sub-branch meeting to which all ES staff, members and non-members, are invited. You might also invite AEU organisers to visit the sub-branch and to consider how AEU members at your school can better recognise the work of ES staff in your school and offer them the support they might need. 

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