TAFE & Adult Provision Power building in TAFE

To maximise the outcome of the industrial campaign for the next TAFE Teachers Agreement, it is crucial to increase the membership base and have as many members actively participating in the bans as possible.

As non-members are not legally able to participate in the bans, their inaction can weaken the effectiveness of the bans and our power to win better pay and conditions. Put simply, greater numbers means greater power, and greater power means more influence.

As the AEU is the sole bargaining agent for all teachers covered by the next agreement, non-members must join up and take part in the campaign. They benefit from the outcome alongside their unionised colleagues, so it is unacceptable for these teachers to sit back and get a free ride while AEU members do all the heavy lifting.

Talk to your non-member colleagues, emphasising the importance of this campaign and how the outcome will directly shape your working conditions over the length of the agreement. Ask them to join up and participate so that, together, we can achieve the best possible outcome in these negotiations.

Highlight the other benefits of joining the AEU: increased job security for teachers from the conversion clauses negotiated in the last agreement; higher wages and better conditions compared to the industry award; and the support services available when faced with challenges such as workplace disputes, performance issues or WorkCover claims.

We need be in this together to achieve the agreement that all teachers deserve.

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