Schools PPDs offer workload relief

  • By Briley Stokes
  • This article was published more than 1 year ago.
  • 13 Sep 2022

The new VGSA 2022 provisions provide greater flexibility for utilising Professional Practice Days to manage class-related work.

The Professional Practice Days (PPDs) in the VGSA 2022 provide members with much needed workload relief, and release from scheduled duties, including face-to-face teaching, so you can have uninterrupted time to focus on work directly related to your classes. 

PPDs are in addition to existing pupil-free days and should occur on top of any pre-existing planning days. So, for example, if your school already provides you with an extra hour per week to focus on student data, or has a pedagogy-focused pupil-free day planned, then these should all still occur, along with full access to your PPDs.

The timing and focus of each PPD is nominated by you, the teacher, agreed in consultation with the principal. If the timing and focus cannot be agreed, then the focus will be determined by you and the timing will be determined by the principal.

There are three professional practice days in 2022, two PPDs in 2023, and one in 2024 and beyond (pro rata for part time). While you would have become accustomed to PPDs with the VGSA 2017, new provisions in the VGSA 2022 mean more flexibility so that if you need to change the day of your PPD, you can reschedule it in consultation with your principal. Further, if you do not wish to take your PPD as one full day, it can be allocated across two half days. 

Sub-branch reps should discuss the suggested process for organising PPDs and their allocation with sub-branch members and take that through AEU consultative committee reps to the school’s consultative committee.

PPDs are being provided in the VGSA 2022 as a result of the activism and engagement of sub-branch members. Non-members should be made aware that this is how the entitlement came about, and they should be encouraged to join the union.

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