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  • By Briley Stokes
  • This article was published more than 10 months ago.
  • 16 Aug 2023

We all know that being part of the AEU gives you security, protection, representation, and a voice, but what might not be widely known is that the AEU also provides professional support and guidance, and professional learning and development.

Education support (ES) members play a crucial role in the AEU, having strong representation through sub-branches, regional structures and the AEU council. They have been instrumental, through ongoing activism, in ensuring that all ES gain better conditions and pay. Union membership benefits ES members in all areas of their working lives.

The Department of Education requires employees to participate in performance and development processes and expects high-quality professional learning to be taking place. This benefits the employee, the employer, and the students and colleagues we work with.

With this in mind, ES members advised us that they wanted access to practical professional learning that they could use to support them in their work. In response, we partnered with The Teacher Learning Network (TLN) to deliver a suite of professional online learning for AEU education support members throughout 2023. 

ES members workshopped the topics and areas that they would like to see provided. These courses, free for AEU members, include:

  • setting appropriate boundaries

  • de-escalating disruptive behaviours

  • supporting sensory heightened students

  • supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

  • Google Suite programs for ES staff

  • supporting students with ASD.

Access to free professional development and training is one of the many benefits of being an AEU member.

Further courses soon to be available include: 

  • supporting students with ADHD

  • managing challenging conversations with colleagues

  • application writing

  • managing challenging conversations with parents and students

  • supporting students with complex needs through transition

  • connecting with disengaged students.

In addition to this, we are running a multitude of webinar workshops that enable ES to develop their industrial knowledge and skills, and to organise in their workplace to build power. These webinars, also free for members, include topics such as ES attendance; time in lieu; supervision; and allowances.

There are a range of in-person ES training sessions available throughout Semester 2, including ‘Koorie workforce entitlements with First Nations organisers’; and ‘ES know your agreement and how to implement it’.

Participating in these courses will give you insight and skills to participate more fully in your working life, and the confidence to engage more with your colleagues. Being part of the AEU enables strong networking opportunities and allows for ES to make meaningful improvements to their pay and conditions.

We encourage you to view all the ES professional development and training opportunities available. Access to free PD and training is one of the many benefits of being an AEU member. Now is a great opportunity to speak with ES colleagues yet to join the AEU, encourage them to join and benefit from free professional learning.

Visit the Teacher Learning Network to book your PD.

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