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Cuts to the NDIS Price Guide, coupled with inflexible changes to eligibility criteria, has led to a crisis in the disability sector. A fully funded NDIS is essential to ensuring the retention of a highly qualified, dedicated and experienced workforce. AEU members bent over backwards to offer alternative delivery models and to ensure continuity of care for their clients throughout the COVID pandemic.

The AEU is focused on the number of disability providers introducing changes to how they operate, altering rosters or making staff redundant. Any employees, including casuals, who have been told they are no longer needed should contact the union to ensure they receive their full entitlements.

Those who remain unsure about what employers can direct them to do under JobKeeper should also contact us or check the Fair Work Commission website. Employers’ powers have changed and they can no longer ask workers to do certain tasks without notifications and consultation.

Safety is another major, ongoing issue. On 28 February, the NDIA ended funding for providers for additional PPE. Members have the right to be safe at work, and employers should continue to provide PPE in accordance with health directives. The AEU is also pushing for members in disability to be prioritised for the COVID vaccine.

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