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A number of coronavirus-related matters have been referred to the union’s industrial department. These have included stand-down disputes in the early childhood and disability sectors. 

Predictably, human resources managers in some TAFE institutes have not let a global pandemic get in the way of causing grief for union members, and we are continuing to work through the workload and other issues for TAFE teachers.  

The AEU has favourably settled a number of claims for members in Term 1. In total, these settlements have amounted to approximately $50,000. The AEU’s workers compensation lawyers, Redlich’s Work Injury Lawyers, have also reported some favourable results. These include a $535,000 settlement for a Common Law claim; $80,000 for an impairment benefit; and around $30,000 for other settlements. ALIL caps its fees for AEU members at 20% of a member’s win – and these fees are paid by the AEU. We believe this is a significant benefit, which no other union in Australia provides to its members.

The AEU has a few matters listed for hearing in the Fair Work Commission and the County Court in Term 2. We are also awaiting judgement in a Federal Circuit Court matter, which was heard by video-conference in April 2020. We will inform members of the outcomes as they occur.

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