Early Childhood Pushing back, together

Recently, members have reported concerning actions from their EYMs and LGAs: the stripping back of historically granted planning time to the VECTEA and EEEA minimum; finding loopholes to avoid paying staff for certain days; arbitrary directions around work being undertaken on site; and an overscheduling of days that were intended as workload relief. 

These changes have negative effects on members and are often implemented without appropriate consultation. Despite some employers trying to exploit loopholes in the agreements, this doesn’t mean you have to accept it. 

Individuals cannot be expected to take up these issues alone. Only by working together in coordinated, structured ways can we improve the situation. Union members can act collectively to call on managers to reassess bad decisions and to take part in a consultative process. Our people-focused EC members are well suited to this collaborative form of action.

An employer is less likely to rely on ‘bare minimums’ and ‘loopholes’ if they know that their staff are all union members, well-networked and willing to take united action to push back against decisions that arrive without consultation and that weaken working conditions. 

My role as early childhood organiser means supporting you to create these networks, structures and actions. Last year, I began working with members at large EYMs and LGAs with this purpose in mind. This involved creating member leadership teams, running meetings to share concerns, and coordinating actions like mass petitions and letter writing. 

Members like you, working together, have the power to push back on poor management decisions and structures. 

Get in touch if you’d like to start creating these structures in your centre or network: [email protected].

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