TAFE & Adult Provision Recognising disability members with the Sub-branch/Workplace of the Year Awards

Disability member Jess Pinter says she isn’t always sure how much her “little corner” of the TAP sector is truly seen by other union members. That’s why it was a huge morale boost when Mambourin Disability Service won the AEU Sub-branch/Workplace of the Year Award in 2020, alongside Virtual School Victoria. 

“You’re not education and you’re not nursing, which is where we were when I started, so sometimes you feel like you don’t belong,” she says of the sector’s unique role. “So, winning workplace of the year gave us a sense of belonging. 

“We may have a tiny niche in the AEU, but it is ours, and we’re doing really well. So it was that sign of recognition for our little spot – that we are where we belong.”

“Unionising is the most important thing the AEU does.”

Jess Pinter

Radiating compassion and drive, Jess has been working in the field for 17 years. She is currently based at Mambourin Enterprise’s Altona hub.

When Mambourin terminated the EBA in October 2019, she found the AEU’s support invaluable. “I know that I couldn’t have brought all my [co-workers] together if we didn’t have somebody who knew how to do it. I don’t know how to organise. Unionising is the most important thing the AEU does.”

Members can champion the great work of your local rep, HSR, sub-branch or workplace by nominating them for the Sub-branch/Workplace of the Year Awards. Find out more at aeuvic.asn.au/reps-info.

Read more about the awards at aeuvic.asn.au/sub-branch-and-rep-year-awards

Read about HSR of the Year at aeuvic.asn.au/reps-info/health-and-safety-representatives-hsrs/aeu-hsr-year

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