TAFE & Adult Provision Register to raise standards

The new legislated registration and accreditation scheme for Victoria’s disability workforce is set to commence on 1 July. The Disability Worker Regulation Scheme aims to protect vulnerable people from harm and to support the growth of a quality disability workforce. While registration is voluntary, the AEU urges all disability members to register. The scheme will not only improve safety in the sector, but also raise the status of the profession, allowing disability workers to demonstrate the safety and quality of their services.

Federally, the decision by the Morrison government and the National Disability Insurance Association to move to independent assessments for people with disability has drawn universal criticism from all sections of the disability community. According to the NDIS, the independent assessment will focus on ‘capability’ rather than ‘disability’ and will use recognised, standardised tools conducted by independent assessors who are qualified healthcare professionals.

Given the government’s history with the NDIS, this looks much more like yet another cost-cutting exercise than an attempt at real improvements. The AEU remains focused on what this means for people with a disability and the disability workforce, whose concerns should always be at the centre of any debate or decisions.

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