TAFE & Adult Provision Shaping Victoria’s plan for VET

The Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) was set up in July 2021, following the Skills for Victoria’s Growing Economy review, aka the Macklin review. The VSA connects Victorian Education and Training (VET) providers with industries, employers and communities to develop the Victorian Skills Plan, which aims to ensure that all Victorians have access to the quality education and training needed to gain employment and build a career. 

The VSA is consulting with Industry Advisory Groups and key stakeholders to determine the areas of employment demand. With the commencement of the second round of consultation, it is disheartening to witness an ongoing push for microcredentials and skill sets. Many students with skill sets but no qualifications have been employed in insecure and poorly paid work. 

While it is accepted that this could be a major issue in trade areas, there does not seem to be the same level of concern elsewhere. If this was to be introduced in other areas, it could have devastating implications for health, safety and job security. We are determined to fight this move. 

Skill sets and microcredentials can play a part in education, designed to enhance qualifications by upskilling and updating for industry trends and supporting lifelong learning. They should not replace the broad-based education and qualifications all students need to forge a meaningful career.

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