Early Childhood Long day care members deserve better deal

If you work in a community-based long day care (LDC) service and your employer is not a signatory to the current VECTEA and you want them to be part of the next agreement, please contact the AEU at [email protected].

Our organisers have been contacting a long list of community-based childcare centres and encouraging them to become signatories to the benchmark agreements. Ideally, we would like as many teachers as possible who work in LDC to have parity of pay and conditions with their colleagues in sessional kindergartens.

Steps you should take:
• Speak with your employer about your interest in having benchmark pay and conditions
• Ask them to contact ELAA for more information and to express their interest in being formally represented in bargaining
• Contact us at [email protected].

We know the sign up rate is low for our teacher members who work in long day care, but we also know they deserve a better deal. This is our opportunity to make that difference.

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