Early Childhood Sign up to Level 1 activist training for EC members

Do you want to help build the strength of the AEU? Are you taking on an early childhood leadership role within the union? Do you want to create change in your workplace?

This program is designed to give leading members what they need to operate within the AEU and show them how to create effective local structures.

It aims to strengthen your skills and knowledge as an AEU activist and provide opportunities to plan union activity in your area.

The program is a full day of attendance at the AEU Victoria office in Abbotsford. It covers:

An introduction to unionism in the AEU, and your role as a local leader.

How to build and maintain an engaged and active local group, including building activism, mapping and recruitment.

The AEU will reimburse your employer for the actual cost of CRT replacement where your classes are covered by a CRT on the day of the course.

Members employed under the VECTEA, EEEA and other local council EBAs can access their union training leave entitlement to attend this training. 

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact our EC organiser Max Grarock at [email protected]

Find out more on our website.

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