Early Childhood The importance of consultation

  • By Heidi Ratje
  • This article was published more than 1 year ago.
  • 20 Jul 2023

Consultation processes continue be a source of some confusion for employees and employers alike. At a service level, consultation is a chance for members to share their perspectives, needs and ideas, and advocate for solutions, resources and support for a robust and effective change management framework. 

Consultation is not a process that always results in achieving everything we ask for. But it is an important opportunity to have our voices heard – and so it is useful to be familiar with the consultation clauses – clause 9 in the VECTEA and clause 10 in the EEEA.

When planning for change, it is important to engage in the process early. At my service, when we began planning for the introduction of 15 hours for three-year-olds, our team brainstormed together and also consulted the community. It was a long process that involved reflection and compromise.

Now is the time to start conversations within your services to enact the consultation process and plan collectively to ensure that all voices and perspectives are taken into consideration.

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