Early Childhood National Quality Framework – The Musical was a hit

It was so fabulous to have over 100 early childhood members together and back in the AEU building (after almost three years!), networking, connecting, strategising and reflecting on advocacy and activism using ‘The National Quality Framework – The Musical’ as the platform. 

The musical provided an opportunity for us to reflect deeply on pedagogy and practice, quality, equity, social justice and advocacy through the arts. I can’t think of a more engaging way to consider quality and advocacy, both individually and as a collective, for early childhood education than through musical theatre. The conversations after the show were lively, reflective, and underpinned by belief in the need for collective action and change, both professionally and industrially. 

AEU members are seen as leaders within the profession, as you are the folk who fight the good fight with and for the profession, children, and families. For real change to take place, you need to be organised, strategic and committed – nothing changes without you. 

We are working hard with members to set up EC structures led by leaders and activists to make changes at a local level. This will ensure our members are well supported to thrive in their jobs, enabling you to deliver high-quality educational programs for children, with a focus on arts, equity and social justice. 

To set up a local structure with the aim of creating change at a local level, you can contact our EC organiser Max Grarock at [email protected] 

To purchase The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood textbook, visit multiverse.com.au and use this code for a 50% discount: AEU50AB4

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