Early Childhood Time to vote ‘yes’ for VECA and VEEA

The AEU and ELAA have been meeting to formally bargain on the two mirror agreements, the Victorian Early Childhood Agreement (VECA) and the Victorian Early Education Agreement (VEEA). The VECA and the VEEA’s salaries and terms and conditions will match those of the VECTEA 2020.

With ballots commencing soon, we are encouraging all members working in EC services that are a respondent to the VECA or VEEA to vote and vote ‘yes’.

Gowrie Victoria

The AEU and Gowrie Victoria are about to commence bargaining for a new agreement for teachers. If you work at a Gowrie early childhood service, look out for additional communications. The AEU will be meeting with members to discuss the log of claims.

City of Yarra

City of Yarra EC members are about to go to vote on their council agreement after achieving some great wins for members. These include more professional practice days, three organisational days, one hour per week for nominated supervisor and two hours per week for educational leader, out-of-hours work by direction, a new bullying and harassment clause, surrogate leave, and ECTs working more than 22 hours per week will receive a laptop.

Hume and Moonee Valley

Bargaining is underway at Hume City Council and Moonee Valley City Council. Look out for updates from our EC organiser, Max Grarock.

City of Casey

City of Casey put a non-union agreement out to vote. Unions, including the AEU, ran a ‘no’ vote with members. The AEU had a significant win for members by placing an objection with the Fair Work Commission asking that the Casey agreement not be approved.

In the important win, we withdrew our objection as Casey agreed to remove validation and include the new capability and assessment process, which will enable eligible teachers to progress to exemplary on the classification scale after completing the new process. The AEU is running webinars on this matter for members.

Next Sense

Bargaining is progressing well at Next Sense, with the access period and vote to occur before the end of term.

Noah’s Ark

Bargaining is also progressing well at Noah’s Ark.


Bargaining is about to commence at Gateways Support Services – EC early intervention. Watch this space!

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