Early Childhood Undertaking the capability and assessment process

From 1 February, VECTEA clauses 50.3–50.8 and EEEA clauses 54.12 –54.17 have applied with respect to the progression of teachers from Level 2.5 to Level 3.1.

This means that, as of 1 February 2022, if you have been working at Level 2.5 for 12 months or longer and you meet the eligibility requirements, you can undertake the capability and assessment process. If successful, you can progress to Level 3.1.

Some members may have already completed the process and will have translated – well done and congratulations! For others, there may be a delay as your provider waits for the DET resource and toolkit to become available. The AEU, ELAA and MAV have worked closely with DET to develop the resource and toolkit to assist teachers and employers through the new capability assessment process, which will be released soon. Although the delay is frustrating, please be assured that when you complete the process and are successful, you must be back-paid to 1 February 2022.

For teachers who are in Phase 2 and who reach their 12-month anniversary date after 1 February 2022, please ensure that you start the process and notify your employer of your eligibility at least two months prior to your anniversary date, to give both parties time to undertake the process. Irrespective of when you complete the capability assessment process, if successful you must increment on your anniversary date, with your change of classification to Level 3.1 also commencing on your anniversary date. If the process is delayed, just like in Phase 1, you must be back-paid to your anniversary date. 

If you are having any issues with your backpay, or if you are of the view that the process your provider is asking of you is unfair, unreasonable, inequitable, or demanding a significant workload, please contact the AEU.

We have answered some Frequently Asked Questions at aeuvic.asn.au/frequently-asked-questions-about-capability-assessment.

You can also access the online training we provided for members late last year on our website: aeuvic.asn.au/training-events/training-videos.

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