Early Childhood VECTEA 2020 is underway!

Both major EC agreements are now in place, with the VECTEA 2020 coming into effect on 19 July, having been endorsed by members and approved by the Fair Work Commission. Members covered by the Victorian Early Childhood Teachers and Educators Agreement (VECTEA) will receive backpay to the first full pay period on or after 1 October 2020. If you have not yet received your backpay or believe you have received the wrong amount or it has been translated incorrectly, please contact MSC on (03) 9417 2822. 

Agreements are fought and won by our membership. Although we didn’t take industrial action due to the pandemic, there was a lot of active engagement in campaigning and lobbying. Members successfully targeted local MPs, highlighting the benefits of ECE and the significant roles they play in delivering high-quality education, and demonstrating that this needs to be reflected through pay and conditions. 

These agreements are proof of the positive impact of this kind of campaigning! Thanks again to our early childhood members for your continued patience, tenacity and advocacy to secure these important improvements to pay and conditions in the sector.

Knowledge is power 

When you understand your workplace rights, you are always in a better position to ensure that every aspect of your work covered by the agreements is being implemented and adhered to by your employer. 

However, we know that, despite its importance, this kind of information can be a bit dry – and there is a lot of it! That’s why we have been running VECTEA and EEEA implementation training in an online trivia night format. 

If you have been unable to attend these sessions so far, but would like us to run a quiz/information night or Q&A session for your local early childhood network, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. The sessions were recorded and will also be available to members on our website shortly. 

The VECTEA and EEEA implementation training provided members with invaluable information in a fun and engaging manner. Members reported leaving these sessions feeling empowered, with a greater understanding of their rights, entitlements and salaries. Knowledge is power! 

Now that both the EEEA and VECTEA are operational, it is an opportune time for members to speak with their colleagues about the union and what we have achieved. Share your experiences of the value of AEU membership and urge them to consider joining. Often, the only reason someone hasn’t joined is because no one has ever asked.

Having a quick conversation about the importance of union membership can be a simple but effective way to help build the voice of the profession. It is our collective strength in numbers that gives us the power to win better pay and conditions. And don’t forget to encourage pre-service teachers to join too; membership is free for students.

Building networks

We are working hard to establish networks across the state for early childhood members. This includes networks for teachers in LDC, a graduate teacher network, a three-year-old kindergarten network, an HSR network, and networks for EYMs, local councils and Committee of Management kindergartens. 

Networks provide opportunities for members to connect and offer each other positive mentorship, support and guidance. They are a great place to share ideas, resources and strategies, to have collegiate debate, pedagogical and leadership conversations, and to establish professional relationships outside of your workplace. 

These opportunities allow you to further develop your practice and expertise, and to be inspired and motivated by others within the profession. They are also a good forum to discuss policy, funding and reform in order to collectively advocate and campaign for the profession, for children and for families. 

With the support of the AEU, we hope that you will join one or more of these networks, or work with us to establish a network within your service, community, cluster or region – and invite your colleagues to join too.

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