Early Childhood VECTEA / EEEA member meetings

Throughout Term 4, I have travelled the state and have met with hundreds of teachers and educators through meetings, teleconferences and webinars to update them on the negotiations for the new VECTEA and EEEA. 

This has been a great opportunity to talk to members and potential members about the progress of bargaining and to start asking members to think about what they would be willing to do and fight for if we end up in an industrial campaign.

What we are consistently hearing is that workload is a big issue. Whether you are completing KIS applications or transition statements, whether you are the educational leader or the nominated supervisor (or both), whether you are a teacher or an educator, you are being asked to do more and more with less time and less support. 

We have every expectation that the data gathered from our recent workload survey will support the anecdotal stories we are hearing from members and strengthen our argument that the early childhood sector is experiencing a workload crisis. 


What we are consistently hearing is that workload is a big issue.

We’ve also had the chance to talk to you about a potential industrial campaign that may be necessary next year.

An industrial campaign empowers you to advocate for yourself and colleagues to secure salary increases (pay parity for teachers and a significant pay increase for educators) as well as addressing workload issues.

A successful campaign requires two things. The first is for teachers, educators and PSFO’s to join the AEU as members.

Our first ask at meetings has been for members to go back to their services and engage in conversations with their colleagues about the value and importance of becoming an AEU member.

Our power at the bargaining table is dependent on our membership. The more members we have, the more power we have to win better pay and conditions.

The second ask is for our members to be as active as possible in the campaign. To that end, we would like to know what actions you are willing to take part in – e.g., wear a T-Shirt, sign and get others to sign a petition, lobby your local member of parliament, organise a meeting, be a campaign contact, recruit members – and what resources you require from us. Please let us know by emailing me at
[email protected].

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