For everyone We need your input to the next schools’ log of claims

Despite COVID-19, we remain on track to commence negotiations for a new schools agreement later this year. The current Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017 (VGSA 2017) expires in April 2021.

The process to develop a log of claims for the next schools agreement remains in place, although the AEU Joint Primary and Secondary Sector Council extended the deadline for sub-branches to make submissions until 8 May.

It was fantastic to see so many subbranches putting forward proposals by the end of Term 1, despite rapidly preparing for remote learning. Given the VGSA determines your salaries and working conditions, we want to engage as many members as possible in this important process.

The next stage of the process is to have AEU regions consider the proposals put forward by regional sub-branches and endorse those that they want to go forward to the council meeting. The council has authorised Branch Executive to monitor the situation in relation to coronavirus and any impact on the agreement process and, if necessary, to determine a revised log of claims process and timeline.

We will keep members updated of any changes deemed necessary.

Read more about the log of claims here.

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