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When all the research and common sense says that the prerequisite for high-quality student learning is well-supported, highly trained, and happy teachers, principals, and support staff, why aren’t state Labor politicians and the Department of Education doing more to support the profession?

When the charade of ‘support’ is too often delivered in a confected frame of ‘school improvement’, who benefits? 

When the department’s own out-of-date analysis shows the shortage of teachers is going to get much worse, isn’t it time the Premier and the Treasurer did something significant to address the problem? 

Based on past inaction, don’t hold your breath. But we can change the situation. And we must.

How? By AEU members working together to drive a community-wide conversation about our work, pay and conditions, schooling arrangements, staff attraction and retention, parent/carer engagement and, of course, student learning, welfare, and behaviours. AEU members have always driven change in our schools and communities – and through engaging with public school communities and with parent/carers, we can drive positive changes for the sake of ourselves, our students, and public education.

To that end, the AEU has engaged Monash University to work with our members to undertake research and develop a series of discussion papers aimed at driving a broad and ongoing community conversation about education in Victoria’s schools.

Starting with your view and voice is essential. In a comprehensive survey of members during Term 2, the AEU is seeking your feedback on a variety of critical questions, such as:

  • Which work activities for high-quality teaching and learning and positive student/staff wellbeing should be prioritised?  
  • How much time is available for work activities that make a clear difference, compared to compliance and administration?
  • What are the parent and student demands on you? 
  • What kind of partnerships with students, parents/carers and school employees would be effective and sustainable?
  • What is the impact of student behaviour?
  • What needs to be done to ensure our profession is respected?
  • What alternative approaches to provision should we consider?
  • What changes are needed to reporting on student achievement?
  • What can be done to better manage policy/practice changes?
  • What measures are needed to ensure manageable workloads?

This survey will gather an up-to-date picture, ensuring that members set the agenda ahead for bargaining for a new industrial agreement in 2025, for the next state election in 2026, and beyond.

Change starts with the profession setting its collective agenda. Look out for a link to the AEU survey in your inbox.

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