For everyone Work-related injuries occur off-site too

Injuries can result in accepted WorkCover claims even if they do not occur on the school premises. As long as the injury arises out of or in the course of employment, then a WorkCover claim should be made.

ALIL successfully assisted a teacher in obtaining pain and suffering compensation after she injured herself on a school camp. The member suffered injury to a finger when it became stuck in a rainwater grate, requiring her to undergo two operations. The injury left her with a permanent deformity, which meant she had to modify her lifestyle.

The member was able to return to work on a casual basis but experiences ongoing limitation and restrictions when using her hand. Although she was not eligible for a lump sum payment as part of her accepted WorkCover claim, we helped her to obtain a Serious Injury Certificate, which entitled the member to sue the DET and/or the camp site. We were extremely pleased to be able to resolve this member’s claim without the need to issue court proceedings.

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