TAFE & Adult Provision Worker register a win-win

The disability worker registration scheme was founded as part of the Disability Services Safeguards Act 2018 following the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services. The inquiry determined that more effective safeguards and oversight measures were needed to ensure all disability workers deliver high-quality care.

Although the scheme was designed to safeguard people living with a disability, it also safeguards the quality of education and support provided by workers in the sector, helping to raise awareness of the important and valuable work of our members.

The scheme is made up of several services and safeguards to protect people with disability when using disability services. These include voluntary registration of Victorian disability workers and the register of disability workers.

Voluntary registration

Registered disability workers need to meet independent standards for safety, skills and professionalism.

Whether they are privately employed, work for an organisation, or work as a sole trader, any Victorian disability worker can apply for registration. Registered workers are independently assessed as safe, skilled and competent by the Disability Worker Registration Board of Victoria.

It is free for disability workers to register in the first year, and service recipients do not pay for the worker to be registered. Disability workers can apply to register online.

The register of disability workers

As of 1 October 2021, the list of registered disability workers will be available to view at www.vdwc.vic.gov.au. The register will display information including:

  • The disability worker’s gender
  • The date the worker registered and when registration expires
  • Whether they are a registered disability support worker or disability practitioner
  • Details of relevant qualifications
  • Any languages other than English spoken
  • Any suspensions or cancellations of registration, conditions or disciplinary history.

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